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Al Shoumoukh Manpower is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Human Resource Services Firm and with Registration No. CN-143666. It delivers a full suite of comprehensive HR and Recruitment Process, outsourcing services to address the Talent requirements for leading companies world-wide. Founded by Dr. Ali Saeed Al Ameri, Al Shoumoukh Manpower seeks the best to facilitate an efficient and resourceful manpower supply to Clients--- involved in Oil & Gas Field, Electro-Mechanical, Civil Engineering, Construction, Medical, Hospitality, Airlines and much more.

Whilst maintaining the Quality of the Services that Al Shoumoukh has to offer, the experience knowledge and understanding of these professionals about the recruitment business have been the most valuable resources for the Group which has also enhanced the recognition of Al Shoumoukh Manpower by its most valued Clients worldwide.

Offering services worldwide, Al Shoumoukh Manpower has established professional global affiliations agencies in order to maximize and build opportunities. With the initiative of handling all Clients with high importance and priority, attributes such as attitude, personality, aptitude and flexibility are considered during the process of screening and recruitment. Furthermore, candidates are trained specifically to the Client’s requirements thereby maximizing and preparing the candidate to be an excellent choice for the Client.

From the first step of sourcing qualified candidates from our data bank, advertising job requirements, pre-screening and short-listing candidates, to the final interview conducted by Al Shoumoukh Manpower and our principals--- AL SHOUMOUKH MANPOWER ensures a competitive edge in efficiency and quality of operations.

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Al Shoumoukh Group of Companies
ISO 9001:2015 / ISO 14001:2015 / ISO 45001:2018 Certified
API QR 2787 / API QR 2799 / API 7 1285 Certified

Al Shoumoukh Ggroup is an ICV 3.0 Certified Company

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