Business Setup & PRD Services

Business Setup and PRD Services
We provide a complete package of business services and advisory on any problems faced by business owners. Our experience in Abu Dhabi, UAE for past 20 years have built a reputation of a trustful organization that can help to improve business.

We provide PRD & Administration services for new and existing businesses to maintain complete records of their employees visas and other data. Our local and other arabic nationality professionals help to approach all departments in UAE in an efficient way.

Our Services Include:

  •   New Business Set up / LLC / Est. / Setting up branch office in Abu Dhabi
  •   Amendment / Renewing Commercial, Trade and Chamber of Commerce licenses
  •   Immigration Approvals / Bank Guarantees
  •   Local Sponsorship
  •   Ministry of Labor / Immigration all transactions and follow up
  •   Documentation and follow up for Visas / (Schengen, Europe, UK, Canada, etc.)
  •   Tourists, Travel and Work Visas
  •   OCTG Inspection
  •   NDT Inspection
  •   BHA Inspection

Document Clearance / Follow up Transaction in the following departments;

  •   Department of Economic Development/ Ministry of Economy
  •   Chamber of Commerce
  •   Ministry of Labour
  •   Emirates identity Authority
  •   Notary/ Court
  •   Civil Defense
  •   Police department
  •   General Directorate of Residency and Foreign affairs
  •   Center of Waste Management/ Department of Sewerage
  •   Ministry of Health
  •   Distribution Company
  •   Food Control Authority
  •   Telecommunication Regulatory Authority
  •   Abu Dhabi Ports
  •   Embassies

Oil & Gas Fields Services in ADNOC Group of Companies.

  •   Registration CNIA Passes etc.
  •   Supreme Petroleum Council
  •   Registration at ADNOC group of companies

Other Services:

  •   Leasing of land, warehouses, workshops, offices and manufacturing facilities

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