Management Courses & Personnel Trainings

Al Shoumoukh Manpower Services, together with its international partners provides a full range of technical and managerial courses within the Oil and Gas industry. Our team of manpower professionals and partner companies provide both external and in-house training and courses for our clients, ranging from highly technical specialist courses for engineers, and business and leadership training for Managers and Operational/Sales teams.

Management Courses

S/N Course
01 Contract Law for Business
02 Fundamentals of Purchasing
03 Advanced Data Analysis
04 Risk Management Professional (RMP)
05 Enhance Sampling Analysis & Reporting
06 Facility Availability (FA) and Reporting
06 Advanced Project & Construction Management
07 BCM Professional Qualification Course
08 Certificate in Stock Management, Demand Planning and Forcasting

Engineering Courses

S/N Course
01 Management Skills and Techniques for Engineers
02 Drilling & Production Courses
03 Engineering Courses
04 NDT & Drill Stem Training Courses

Marine Courses

S/N Course
01 First Aid
02 AWS (American Welding Society) for Welding - Level 1
03 CSWIP (Certification Scheme for Welding and Inspection Personnel) for NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) – Level 1 & 2
04 Al Shoumoukh Marine Competency for Underwater Cutting
05 DMT (Diver Medical Technician) in association with KBA (certifying body)
06 ADAS Certified Training Courses for Commercial Diving
07 DENSO approved training facilities and installators
08 Sea Shield 2000 FD underwater corrosion protection

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