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Software Solutions that are accurate, reliable and cost effective.

We provide a complete Hydrocarbon accounting systems for the oil and gas industry. From initial identification of our customers Information management systems strength and weaknesses, To providing them with a turnkey solution which is user-friendly, efficient and easy to implement. Together with our partner with facilities in Scotland, we provide our customers with full 24 hours online support and after sales services. Our software is used by oil companies globally, for the business critical activities of production allocation and reporting.

Our solution has among other, the following benefits:

  •   Allows data correction/rerun/approval
  •   Provides an audit trail of changes to data
  •   Controls access to data
  •   Performs complex calculations
  •   Stores large amounts of data in a structured way
  •   Matches requirements
  •   Flexible and adaptable to changing requirements

Electro Hydraulic Valve Actuators

Al Shoumoukh Groups series of Choke Vales, are supplied and manufactured to handle 10,000 , 15,000 and 20,000 Psig working pressure. Our Chokes are capable of operating with up to 90% LESS torque at 10,000 psig then your commodity chokes you might be using today. The Chokes are designed to be easily modified according to requirements, and we supply a set of retrofit kits that gives our customers a great amount of flexibility when it comes to well control. To fully automate our Chokes, we attached a small 17-pound electric actuator to our top works, which can be done even when the choke is throttling and under pressure.

By using the Al Shoumoukh Group Chokes, you have the freedom to get away from unfriendly, expensive and bulky pneumatic diaphragm or stepping actuators. Our small electronic powered actuators, operated with only 24vDC at 15,000 psig, and can work both onshore or offshore using only a small battery pack or solar array for power. Giving our customers full freedom when it comes to flow control in remote locations. By facilitating remote supervision with asset management, our actuators encompasses accurate control, and gives monitoring and alarm signaling, as well as operational data logging and diagnostics to the user.

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