Laboratory Services

We specialise in flow assurance, scale and corrosion control, analysis and simulation studies. Our new laboratory facilities in Abu Dhabi enable us to provide services in the UAE and throughout the Middle East and surrounding regions. The combination of state-of-the-art testing facilities and a high calibre multi-national team of experienced personnel enables Scaled Solutions LLC to continually expand to meet our customers’ needs.


Range of Services

Scale Formation, Dissolution and Inhibition

  • Scale risk analysis under both conventional (aerobic) and fully anaerobic conditions for common carbonate / sulphate scales along with exotic scales, such as Fe / Pb/ Zn sulphides.
  • Performance testing of scale inhibitors using static tests as well as dynamic tube blocking a core blocking tests
  • Fluid compatibility tests for scale inhibitors, reservoir waters, crude oil and other production chemicals.
  • High temperature / high pressure product performance testing: more field representative conditions

Core Analysis

  • Conventional formation damage potential analysis
  • Chemical treatment profiling: chemical adsorption and return lifetimes
  • Supported by near wellbore placement modelling (Place-iTTM)
  • Core characterisation using gas permeametry

Corrosion Analysis

  • Corrosion Inhibitor Performance Testing using electrochemical techniques under both sweet and sour production conditions
  • LPR Bubble cell test method to analysis static coupon weight loss, film persistency and materials compatibilities


  • Near Wellbore Modelling: In-house Place iT TM Model
    • Field Treatment Optimisation in Simple and Complex Wells
    • Scale Inhibitor Squeeze Treatment and Return Modelling
    • Heterogeneity, Crossflow, Pressure Gradient effects
    • Multiple Zone Placement Prediction
  • Scale, Corrosion and Asphaltene Prediction Modelling

Analytical Services

  • Water and Oil Analysis
  • Residual Chemical Analysis
  • Formation Damage/Compositional Analysis (ESEM/EDX)

Additional Services Provided

  • Expert Advice and Consultancy
  • Training Services: Theoretical and Practical
  • Chemical Delivery Testing
  • Organic Scale Testing: Asphaltene and Naphthenate Formation and Inhibition
  • Specialised Rig Design, Manufacture, Installation & Service Contracts

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